Day Spa Providing The Next Generation of Wellness and Beauty

Longevity Lounge is the next generation of wellness meets beauty. Our concept excels at offering modern and natural approaches for growing ageless and purifying the body including personalized programs for optimal health, weight loss, non-invasive approaches for cellulite reduction, Botox from within and beautification.

Longevity Lounge treatments are suitable for men and woman. Our treatments are designed to support one’s personal journey into vitality and well-being. Our non-invasive, treatments are customized to your needs resulting in a truly unique and personalized experience. Regardless of one’s goals: sports enhancement, detoxification, growing ageless, weight loss, cellulite reduction, or simply to be kind to one’s self. No matter your goals, we have a program for you!


Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy offers a pleasant and convenient way to hydrate and cleanse.

Lymph Body Contouring

Our Body Contouring program combines some of the best methods for weight-loss, toxin elimination, the reduction of cellulite and breaking up

Natural Facelift
& Skincare

Beautiful skin begins on the inside. What we eat, we ultimately wear on our face.

Detox / Nutrition

For optimal health and vitality, it is important to cleanse and re-set our system.

Sauna Sanctuary

This thermal treatment helps to eliminate toxins, increase metabolism, cellulite reduction, stimulate blood and oxygen flow.


Moor mud body wraps are used to detox the body, while saturating the body with vital nutrients.

Pre/Post-Surgical Care

If you will be having surgery soon or have recently undergone surgery, consider our pre and post-surgical care treatments.


Massage in general and specifically lymphatic bodywork are one of the best methods for releasing stagnant lymph and creating good circulation.

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About Us

It has been said that to nurture the body, relax the mind and rejuvenate the spirit, one must go to the water. At the water’s edge in North Pacific Beach, is a healing sanctuary that offers tailored services for Purification, Beautification, and Restoration. The soothing qualities of the ocean and sunshine paired with health enhancing spa treatments, provides the perfect setting for re-connecting with one’s self.
At Longevity Lounge, we provide a comprehensive range of treatments, but we are mostly known for our exclusive wellness treatments prioritizing our guest’s health, beauty and wellness needs. Our advanced signature treatment is designed for reconnective healing. It provides a unique fusion of eastern, western, traditional, advanced and old world apothecary therapies and naturally enhances the body’s metabolic detoxification process. As the body purifies, it naturally begins to transform into a place of homeostasis. The result: clearer, brighter skin, weight loss, cellulite reduction, cellular rejuvenation, better digestion, elimination, and enhancement of mental clarity. Our signature combination is unique and can not be found elsewhere.

Longevity Lounge’s system categorizes the following healing and beauty rituals: Purification, Beautification and Restoration. Purification is the ritual of an in-depth focus on growing ageless, cleansing and detoxing. Beautification rituals begin with inner care and proper nourishment that transcends to an external glow. Restoration is the ritual of distressing and rebalancing. The variety of healing treatments offered include specialty and traditional body treatments, facial/skin enhancement, a variety of effective massages, infrared sauna, mud/oil cocoons, salt/mineral therapy, nutritional care, and colon hydrotherapy. Longevity Lounge’s finessed treatments use natural products such as handcrafted elixirs, our exclusive line of essential oils, Himalayan salt stones, and organic green coffee.

Meet the Founders

The team of professionals that established and run Longevity Lounge commit daily to the recognition and care of our guests’.  Aware of the importance of our health, vitality and growing ageless, Rachel and Jenna are dedicated to continual education on the latest of anti-aging, nutrition, bodywork, natural detoxification, beautification, digestive health and lymphatic drainage; just to name a few. Our goal is to provide the highest level of connection and care for our valued guests ensuring enriching treatments with the lasting benefits of wellness and wellbeing.

Rachel Ellis, CCT

A certified Colon Hydrotherapy Specialist, Detox Chef, and Lifestyle Design Strategist. Rachel offers fifteen years of experience as a student and practitioner of holistic health therapies and conscious lifestyle design. Rachel’s unique alchemy of interests marry the application of whole foods and natural purification modalities with the intention to consciously create a means to enhance the body’s inherent ability to heal, restore beauty, enhance vitality, and to live a beautiful life.

Jenna Williams CN, CMT

Jenna has over sixteen years experience in the health and wellness industry. She has extensive experience in creating and leading successful health enhancing and preventative care programs as well as a wellness director for a world leading medical facility. Jenna has written articles on health related topics and has been a guest speaker for numerous organizations like the American Cancer Society. In addition to Longevity Lounge, Jenna is currently a Board Member for an alternative health school and has co-developed and teaches an international pet nutrition program.

The History of Longevity Lounge

Longevity Lounge came about as a result of collaborative wellness education and personal experiences. A private “detox” chef, Rachel used nutrition and food to support her clients in their healing and weight loss journeys and continued to evolve her work to include digestive health and Colon Hydrotherapy. Combining nutritional care with detoxification methods removes interference in the body so it can move back into a balanced and healthy state. Jenna Williams, who for fifteen years suffered from neck pain as result of an auto accident. In her personal pursuit to improve her quality of life combined with a vested interest in natural therapies, she studied the healing arts of holistic and clinical nutrition, massage therapy, and lymphatic drainage. In her journey, not only did she discover her own healing, but also learned about the benefits of proper nutrition, regular detoxification, and body work for everyone. Over the years, her knowledge of these therapies organically developed into a merging program that is beneficial to everyone.

Combining the knowledge and experience of both Rachel Ellis and Jenna Williams, they developed a non-invasive program that cleanses and nourishes the body from the inside out. The results are not only feeling better, but also experiencing less pain, but with a radiance that can only come from a place of care, nourishment and resetting the body.

Spa Boutique

Our boutique offers a line of natural products ranging from skin care, fresh organic cold pressed juices, vegan/organic salads, elixirs, essential oils, nutritional supplements and designer yoga pants. Longevity Lounge offers our made-per-order luxurious line of beautifying body contouring and ageless face oil.
Our customized blend of exclusive oils not only leave your skin with a luminous glow but will make your skin smell incredibly decadent. In the near future, our boutique will offer the Longevity juice cleanses, elixirs and beauty food bars. All ingredients are from local, organic farms and co-developed with the area’s top chefs. Our online dispensary is also available to you, providing the highest, professional grade of nutritional supplements, vitamins, and natural products for your personalized vitamin & supplemental care.

Spa Interior

The tranquil atmosphere of the lounge is nature and nurture while being the epitome of relaxation and radiance. Our nine treatment room facility is decorated with natural textures and has elements of warm woods, oriental rugs, beautiful stones and dappled light for evoking an indoor/outdoor vibe and providing a simple, relaxing setting.


Spa Etiquette and Preparing for your Appointment

Prepare for your Appointment

Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time to fill out a short intake form. Please do not wear perfumes, or fragrant lotions. For best results, eat healthy and light the days leading up to any of your treatments at Longevity Lounge and hydrate extra especially prior to the infrared sauna.

It is ideal to remove makeup and deodorant prior to your lymphatic drainage session. For Colon Hydrotherapy please refrain from eating for 2 hours and limit liquid intake for 1 hour prior to your appointment.


Longevity Lounge is committed to being a safe, healing space for men and women to receive treatments. Our therapists are trained to create a comfortable and dignified space and to maintain professional boundaries at all times. You will be given privacy to change, and always be offered a spa gown or robe. Please let your therapist know if there is anything that we can do to make your treatment more comfortable. Therapists reserve the right to end any session if there is inappropriate or disrespectful behavior.

Please silence cell phones while at the spa, if you must take a call please step into the courtyard.

Our lobby is meant for your relaxation and enjoyment, it is our goal to maintain a peaceful environment so we request that children be supervised by an adult at all times, or other arrangements be made with your therapist to allow them into the treatment room, if appropriate.


Cancelation Policy

Every treatment at Longevity Lounge is by appointment and a therapists time is reserved just for you. We request at least 24 hours notice to change or cancel an appointment. If 24 hour advance notice is not possible, a $50 cancellation fee will apply


You may park for free in the lot located behind our North Shores Medical Complex, accessible from Missouri street. You do not need to pay $5 if you’re visiting our facility. If your appointment is on the weekend or after 7pm on a weekday, we will provide you with a parking pass to place on your dash. Parking passes are located at the receptionist counter. Street parking is also plentiful.