Weight Loss Service Using Colon Hydrotherapy in the San Diego Area

  • Colonics are one of the best ways to lose weight.
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Colon hydrotherapy offers a pleasant and convenient way to hydrate and is a natural cleanse, while supporting a permanent release of extra weight, solid bloat, and unnatural puffiness. In addition, it has the potential to bathe the entire length of the colon by using about ten gallons of purified water per session. Therefore, enhancing the body’s natural ability to release waste and toxic build up, while stimulating the innate detoxification functions of the body.

A typical session lasts approximately 40-55 minutes, after which you will finish in the privacy of the adjacent bathroom.

Your certified colon therapist will be with you the entire time managing the flow of water, water temperature, and assisting with gentle massage of the abdominal area. Your therapist has years of experience and is trained to fill the colon very slowly and to help you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. The process is clean with all waste moving through disposable tubes so there is no mess or odor. You will be wearing a medical gown and covered with a blanket during the treatment. Most people report very little discomfort if any at all.

FAQ – Colon Hydrotherapy

What are the benefits of colon cleansing?

Cleansing the colon may also help cleanse your liver and your lymphatic system. A few of the beneficial side effects may include:

  • Stronger, more regular digestion
  • Reduction of gas/bloating
  • Enhanced feeling of vitality
  • Clear skin/reduction of acne
  • Weight loss
  • Healing of the mind – mental clarity / less brain “fog”
  • Clearer vision
  • Enhanced ability to absorb nutrients
  • General feeling of being “lighter”
  • Releasing of parasites, yeast, bacteria
  • Increased and effective colon health

How should I prepare for a colonic?

The best way to prepare for a colonic is to hydrate with pure water or lemon water in the days leading up to your treatment and avoid eating hard to digest foods. Typically, meals that contain meat/cheese/bread are not good prior to a colonic and take the longest to digest and can lead to gas, bloating, and discomfort. It is best to avoid those combinations of food a day or two before your treatment. Many clients have noted that taking a magnesium supplement the night before or several hours prior to your treatment can be helpful.

What to expect afterward?

Every person is unique and so each session is different, but generally, most people leave feeling fine, if not GREAT, right away. Many people report feeling immediately lighter, happier, clearer-headed, and generally energetic. There are cases at the beginning of a protocol where the hydrotherapy session leaves a person feeling a bit tired, or feeling a bit off in those cases the person is in the middle of a detox and will most likely feel great the following morning after they have flushed their system a bit more.

Is colon hydrotherapy safe?

Properly administered Colon Hydrotherapy is holistic and very safe, providing there are no contraindications present. Every client is screened for contraindications in the intake process prior to their first colonic. Your health is our number one priority, we adhere to the highest industry standards for cleanliness by using FDA registered equipment, purified water, and disposal speculums and tubing.

What are the benefits of colonics?

One of the most common immediate benefits of colon hydrotherapy reported by clients is a significant increase in mental clarity and focus, reduction in bloating, feeling light and full of energy and life, and a happier mood. Possible longer term benefits are weight loss, better vision, and clearer skin.

The gut has been coined “the second brain” as research has confirmed that there are more neural transmitters in the gut than in the brain! It’s no surprise then that our digestion can determine how we feel both physically AND mentally. The production of the chemicals responsible for feelings of peace and happiness, Serotonin, Oxytocin, and Dopamine are directly related to our gut health!

Will it deplete my healthy flora/bacteria?

Contrary to popular belief, colon cleansing via colonics or enemas does not wash away the colonies of friendly micro-flora since they are safely contained in the mucosal lining of the digestive track, which is why it sometimes referred to as a digestive cleanse. It is possible to wash away micro-flora contained in the stool if there are any, but a toxic colon generally has an overgrowth of bad bacteria

Can colonics help me lose weight?

Colonics can assist natural weight loss by supporting the elimination processes of the major detoxification organs. The body is fully equipped to keep itself healthy and at the perfect weight IF it is not burdened with toxic build-up. When the elimination functions are hindered by a sluggish liver function, for example, the liver will not have enough clean bile to dissolve fats as they are taken in. This leads to slow metabolism and the storing of fat. When a person undergoes a weight-loss program of any kind there is a detox response in the body, this is because fat cells store toxic waste that the body has not eliminated in order to keep our vital organs from being damaged. When we “mobilize” fat we essentially unlock those cells of waste and it enters our blood stream and lymphatic system. It is ESSENTIAL to be able to release, i.e., get rid of that waste before it gets reabsorbed by well-meaning fat cells. That is where colonics can be a huge support in weight loss efforts. The weight-loss trifecta would be to have lymphatic drainage therapy, take an infrared sauna and follow with an alkaline coffee colonic. This results-proven trifecta is a powerful tool in reducing excess fat and water weight.

Is it the same as an enema?

Colon hydrotherapy is different than an enema in several ways, the biggest difference is an enema typically consists of 1 liter of water, a colon hydrotherapy can circulate several gallons of water in a typical session. Enemas are limited to cleansing the lower sigmoid portion of the colon and can be very helpful for home use as a regular wellness maintenance tool or in a case of acute constipation.

Should I fast beforehand?

If you are already familiar and experienced with fasting it can enhance the benefits of colon hydrotherapy. It is not critical for results, eating light the day of the treatment or fasting if your appointment is in the morning is sufficient for the average person. If you are on a juice cleanse, colon hydrotherapy is an amazing way to support the body’s cleansing response to juicing. It is highly recommended to have a session prior to starting the cleanse, during and at the end for best results. Some people have a session every day or every other day of their cleanse and report feeling amazing without the typical discomfort or fatigue that can be a normal part of liquid cleanses. Colon Hydrotherapy can enhance the the weight loss benefits of a juice or smoothie fast.

How many sessions will I need?

A general recommendation is for anyone starting a colon hydrotherapy protocol is 3 sessions, many find that the first session is mainly hydrating and softening old matter that has potentially hardened over the years. The subsequent sessions are easier and more productive after the initial soaking session. Many clients are using colon hydrotherapy as an adjunct to a cleanse or weight loss program, in that instance, 6-10 bi-weekly sessions for the duration of the cleanse/diet can produce amazing results.
There is not a formula to knowing how many sessions are appropriate, every client will have a consultation with the therapist and we can describe best practices based on health history, lifestyle, diet, etc.

Will it make my colon lazier?

To the contrary, the closed-system colonic does not use suction, the process stimulates peristalsis, the wavelike motion that moves waste out of the colon resulting in a toning effect on the bowel.

What is golden coffee and why do people use it in colonics and enemas?

Wilson’s golden coffee is among some of the most respected colon cleanse products. It is imported from Canada and regarded as the “gold standard” for use in colonics and enemas, it is grown specifically for that application and not appropriate for drinking. Coffee has been used as an implant for decades for its ability to stimulate peristalsis, the wavelike motion the colon makes to move waste. It has the added benefit of stimulating the liver bile ducts to open resulting in the release of liver bile during the treatment. There is a lot of research supporting the use of coffee as a powerful medicine for detoxifying the liver. It is not the same as drinking a cup of coffee, there is no “caffeine buzz” from the use of coffee in colonics.

What is a colonic vs. colon hydrotherapy vs. colonic irrigation?

All three describe the process of gently filling the colon with purified water for the purpose of soaking and softening hardened waste matter and eliminating the waste. The process has the potential to cleanse the entire large intestine, or colon, and stops at the ileocecal valve so it does not enter the small intestine. A series of hydrotherapy sessions can gently assist the body to eliminate potentially years’ worth of build-up in some cases, as well as initiate a whole-body cleanse. The process is painless, private and discreet with a certified therapist present the entire time.