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Fresh Citrus Superieur Electrolytes Fresh Citrus – 70 servings.


Superieur is unique in the electrolyte category because we use and list
milligrams of actual plant extracts and sea minerals.


Our Fresh Citrus offers you a light and REAL flavor of Orange and Grapefruit. Superieur uses plant extracts and sea minerals to provide a full complement of electrolytes, antioxidants and nutrients.


Our Pink Himalayan sea salt comes with over 80 minerals, as well as higher pH than sodium chloride.


Our magnesium comes from inland sea water which includes other electrolytes and NATURAL OCCURRING trace minerals. Food source Vitamin C from Acerola Berry extract. Bamboo extract provides silica. Stevia Leaf extract.

Electrolyte Powder Fresh Citrus - 6.9 oz.

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