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Learning About the Lymphatic System

What is the lymphatic system?

Our lymphatic system is basically our immune system!

It's the difference between feeling 'meh' in your body vs. feeling energetic and vital!

Sluggish lymphatics in the body can feel heavy, puffy, bumpy, and painful.

The lymphatic and circulatory systems are both fluid elements of the immune system in the body that work in conjunction with each other and cover the entire body. Oxygen and nutrients need to be carried to our tissues via our blood, and waste must be carried away from our vital organs via the lymphatic system. The primary function of the lymphatic system is to transport fluid containing infection fighting white blood cells throughout the body. It helps remove toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials. Many issues arise when there are obstructions to the flow of their fluids. While the circulatory system has the heart to pump fluids throughout the body, the lymphatic fluid is moved via conscious physical muscular contractions (ie. exercise and massage) as well as the effect of breathing on the main duct which is the thoracic duct. If this fluid doesn’t flow properly, it becomes thick, creating congestion in the nodes making it difficult to filter and destroy harmful invaders.

Factors contributing to lymph congestion include injuries, immobility, poor diet/gut health, dehydration, pathogens, inactivity, surgery, stress, hormone imbalance, environmental toxins, and the normal aging process. The average person has a slow lymph system due to modern lifestyles. This causes viruses, yeast, and other pathogens to activate and bring on more serious symptoms. Overall, toxic materials get stagnant causing inflammation, swelling, pain, illness, and disease.

It is important that we are constantly moving our lymphatic fluid so that the body can evacuate itself of toxins. This fluid drains into the GALT (the gastro associated lymphoid tissue) which is in the colon, and which is why receiving colon hydrotherapy is important after lymphatic drainage.

How does a Lymphatic Drainage treatment work?

There are many types of lymphatic drainage techniques popular these days.

Here at Longevity Lounge, our skilled therapists utilize FOUR synergistic techniques including an electro lymphatic Tesla coil wand (ELT), vibration therapy, zero-compression medi-cupping and customized essential oil raindrop therapy. The result is a deeply relaxing full body experience that stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation (boosting the immune system), enhances collagen and elastin production, and sweeps away inflammation.

What is ELT?

ELT is a frequency healing Tesla device that works by sending an energetic impulse 2.5 inches into the body. It relaxes muscles, calms the nervous system, and relieves tension by breaking up substances that cause muscles to involuntarily contract. It also breaks up waste stored in the tissues, and congestion in the lymph fluid by creating negative ions in the red blood cells. These negative ions are what allow the cells to move more effectively in the body thus bringing more oxygen and nutrients throughout. This then releases toxins in the tissues which the fluid flow carries out of the body via the lymph system. The impulse affects the lymph by breaking up stagnation in the nodes which are the filtering stations of the lymph lines in the body.

You choose which service is best for your body. We offer our 50-minute ELT-only full body treatment where we run the ELT wand over your full body, as well as the 80-minute session that includes medi-cupping therapy to further reduce swelling in the body and cause greater movement in the lymph tissue. In this service, we use both the wand, and cupping machines, as well as essential oils to maximize results.

What are the results of Lymphatic Drainage?

The results vary since lymphatic cleansing is done at a cellular level. Overall, it leaves you feeling relaxed, energized, and flexible but many clients do notice major reduction in swelling, fluid retention, cellulite, and pain right away! We typically recommend 3-6 sessions close together to start then moving to monthly maintenance.

Signs your Lymph system may be sluggish:

· Arthritis

· Skin conditions

· Digestive disorders

· Frequent headaches

· Sinus infections

· Unexplained injuries

· Excess weight

· Chronic fatigue

· cysts

· Scar tissue

· Bloating/puffiness

· Cellulite

Who benefits most from lymphatic support:

· Any arthritic conditions or inflammatory issues

· Autoimmune clients: lupus, RA, IBD (colitis)

· Edema

· Post Operative clients - ELT reduces swelling and bruising.

· Clients looking to maintain weight loss by freeing toxins in the fat cells which then can drain out of the body.

· Clients looking to reduce cellulite

· Anyone looking for anti-aging modalities, ELT allows more oxygenation and cellular nutrition.

How to keep your Lymphatic System Happy at Home

· Exercise/Movement

· Dry brushing

· Massage

· Rebounding

· Deep breathing

· Lots of hydration

When we move all those toxins in the body, we want to do everything we can to get them out! Follow your lymphatic treatment with a colonic and an infrared sauna session for maximum detoxification results! Book in with one of our therapists today to get your lymph fluid moving!


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