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What does it mean to be truly hydrated?

About two thirds of your body is composed of water and 66-70% of that is located in your cells and lymph fluid. When we tell clients that their gut issues are caused by dehydration, they are usually surprised and say they consume large amounts of water throughout the day.

It is important that we are consuming the RIGHT kind of water, specifically "structured" water which is the type of fluid found inside your cells. This water is in a gel-like state and can hold energy like a battery. Next, we need proper concentration of electrolytes so the water can conduct electricity and communicate with the central nervous system. Finally, we need to move that fluid via exercise

To get cells to take water in from your bloodstream, healthy boundaries must be created in the gut, the capillaries, and each cell membrane. The microbiome coordinates the production, support, and repair of these critical barriers meaning gut health is CRITICAL to hydration. As the mitochondrial population and production potential drops, our electrical capacity to draw water inside the cell is lost and we become dehydrated.

Keeping our bodies well hydrated helps to remove toxins from the body, improves organ function, and can reverse the aging process.

What Does Dehydration Look Like?

Many people are dehydrated and may not even know it.

Chronic Dehydration leads to:

Thick, dirty blood

Allows viruses to thrive

Prevents cleansing

Worsens symptoms

Chronic Dehydration may be as a result of:

Not consuming enough living water throughout your life (greens, fruits, veg etc)

Toxins and Pathogens

A sluggish liver

A diet high in fat, salt, protein and pre prepared food.

Consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol, drugs etc

Chronic dehydration contributes to:

High blood pressure




Dry eyes

Under eye circles


Dry mouth

What are the Best Ways to Hydrate Your Body?

It is not just about getting enough water; it is about getting enough water with electrolytes into the cells of your body.

Electrolytes and minerals are necessary to live. Within the body, electrolytes are dissolved in bodily fluids. In terms of hydration, electrolytes are responsible for directing water (and nutrients) to the areas of the body where it's needed most and maintaining optimal fluid balance inside the cells.

What are some ways to get more electrolytes?

Keep healthy fats in your diet: nuts, seeds, olives, avocado, coconut, etc

Play and bathe in natural water sources like the ocean and rivers

Epsom Salt Baths

Add a pinch of pink salt or Himalayan salt to your filtered water

Manage EMF exposure

Eat your water – cucumber, celery, watermelon, and high fiber fruits

Short burst anaerobic exercise daily

Keep your gut and your lymphatic system healthy!

Hydration and Inflammation

Water is one of the greatest antioxidant systems in the body.

Chronic inflammation is largely the result of a lack of hydrogen which is delivered both by the microbiome in our gut, and by water in its high vibration state as it transits highly charged cell and mitochondrial membranes.

Without water, we literally starve at the cellular level. No fuel for growth, maintenance, or repair.

What if we simply never were taught to hydrate correctly?

All inflammation comes back to the gut, to stress levels, the fluids in your body. These pieces work hand and hand to help you achieve optimal health.

Sun Safe Hydration

Did you know that early morning exposure to the sun on bare skin without sunscreen helps to "structure" the water in your body to keep you more hydrated? Just a few minutes in that early morning sun will not only help improve your hydration but will also actually help you better absorb Vitamin D and reset your circadian rhythm.

Wake up and take a few minutes outside to let the sun charge you like a battery.

A Note on Water Quality

Most of us do not have a source of pure water that doesn't need filtration, please make sure the water you're drinking, cooking, and bathing with has been filtered to remove chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceutical drugs, and other toxins that are commonly found in the municipal water supply. San Diego has particularly bad tap water, so it is important to look into filters for shower heads + bathtubs, countertop options such as Berkey, reverse osmosis, as well as whole-house filtration systems. We recommend getting the best that you can afford.


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