Longevity Lounge’s philosophy is based the recognition of the direct link between our health, wellness, and beauty. Longevity Lounge’s programs are categorized in the following healing and beauty rituals: Purification, Beautification and Restoration. Purification is the ritual of an in-depth focus on growing ageless, cleansing and detoxing. Beautification rituals begin with inner care and proper nourishment that transcends to an external glow. Restoration is the ritual of distressing and rebalancing the mind and body alike.

Health enhancing treatments provide greater benefit when they take place in a setting of exceptional care and comfort. Longevity Lounge takes great care in customizing our treatments for the highest level of personalized care. Our treatments are both relaxing and purifying while complemented with the highest quality products, botanical based pure oils, creams, temperature controlled tables and a music menu selection. From beginning to end, Longevity Lounge is dedicated to ensuring your experience is not only comfortable for you, but restorative and exceptional as well.

Upon request, we also offer a refreshing menu of organic, vegan, gluten-free spa lunches, juices, and customized elixirs.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy offers a pleasant and convenient way to hydrate and cleanse.

Lymph Body

Our Body Contouring program combines some of the best methods for weight-loss, toxin elimination, the reduction of cellulite and

Natural Facelift
& Skincare

Beautiful skin begins on the inside. What we eat, we ultimately wear on our face.

Detox / Nutrition

For optimal health and vitality, it is important to cleanse and re-set our system.

Sauna Sanctuary

This thermal treatment helps to eliminate toxins, increase metabolism, cellulite reduction, stimulate blood and oxygen flow.


Moor mud body wraps are used to detox the body, while saturating the body with vital nutrients.

Pre/Post-Surgical Care

If you will be having surgery soon or have recently undergone surgery, consider our pre and post-surgical care treatments.


Bodywork in general and specifically lymphatic massage are one of the best methods for releasing stagnant lymph and creating good circulation.