Nutritionist Offering Services For Clients In the San Diego Area

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Longevity Lounge’s Philosophy On Nutrition:

Be kind to the body. Nourish on the inside and flourish on the outside.

Longevity Nutrition Program:

Our program is a common sense approach to nutrition, in order to help get you on the right path towards a long and healthy life. Optimal nutrition not only will help you naturally cleanse your body, but it will assist in attaining and maintaining a vibrant presence, help you reach your ideal weight, and ultimately slow the aging process. The knowledge you will gather from our nutritionist is you don’t have to give up delicious food that are appetizing or even easily prepared. Our nutritional programs begin with an assessment of your health status through the collection of food preferences, lifestyle, family history, allergies, past/present injuries, and additional information. Upon the completion of the nutritional questionnaire, the collected information is translated into a collaborative program addressing energetic foods rich in vitamins and minerals that will eliminate deficiencies, encourage good eating habits as well as lifestyle choices to maximize nourishment, rebalancing of the body and create a space for restoration.

Why Consult a Nutritionist vs a Dietician:

In this current day, we have an abundance of rich, nutritional information at our fingertips. However, every single person is diverse and unique. We all react to food differently. On a daily basis, the food choices we make have a direct impact on our physical and mental performance. Consulting with a nutritionist is just as important as frequenting the gym and seeing our primary care physician for annual check-up. Many wonder what does a nutritionist do? A certified nutritionist can assist in keeping the body running smoothly, enhance your digestive health and ensure you are receiving proper nutritional care for your body type.

For optimal health and vitality, it is important to cleanse and reset our system. Our nutritional cleansing programs are designed around your goals and your personal nutritional assessment. Our programs address the purification of the body at a cellular, intestinal and organ level. In addition to food and supplemental care, programs may include: colon hydrotherapy, herbal detox programs, dietary changes, lymphatic drainage and far-infrared sauna.

Sports Nutrition:

An athlete’s nutritional needs are not limited to, but include: performance, staying lean, hydrated, energized and maintenance of mental clarity, as well as adhering to the stimulation of growth and repair of the muscular and nervous system.
Learn how lifestyle choices and food that serve to enhance or diminish your energy levels, mental and physical performance. Discover how to eat for everyday life, for full sports potential, competitions, and sound nutritional advice specific for you.

Digestive Health:

Fiber is often the first word that comes to mind when people think of the digestive tract. Food selections, proper dish combinations, and adequate hydration play an equally important role for the center-point of our bodies. Our digestive track is responsible for the utilization of nutrients, water assimilation, all the while reducing the access and elimination of toxins and antigens. Caring for our digestive tract through proper supplemental care, as well as addressing possible food sensitivities and proper nutrition can help to curb digestive issues and are beneficial for the proper utilization of nutrients. When our digestive tract is working at an optimal level, the entire body functions better.

Weight Loss:

Not all weight loss programs are designed the same. Regardless of the trending diets, an individual is more inclined to reach success with a program that addresses their body’s unique and specific needs. Our weight loss program is more about a personal journey into your well-being, including goal setting and providing a platform for success as you increasingly reach healthier goals and weight.

Ageless Nutrition:

Look no further than your local grocery for the fountain of youth! Food is one of the most powerful tools we have for keeping our bodies young and healthy and the right food can add years to your life. Super foods and powerful vitamins, minerals, and herbs are the best way for reducing, delaying or minimizing aging-related signs including aging skin, muscle aches, painful joints, poor memory function, eyesight and proper weight. Our growing ageless program is rich in antioxidants and includes a myriad of powerhouse foods combating free-radicals which speed up the aging process, as well as nutrient dense foods that increase circulation, decrease bloat and puffiness and help support all the systems in the human body.

Botox from Within Beauty Throughout:

The foods choices we make have a direct impact on the development of wrinkles, sagging skin or in reverse they can be the best resource for plump, dewy, radiant skin. Our Botox from within nutritional care program educates you on the most powerful foods and supplements which turn back the clock of time, provide natural sunscreens, reduce wrinkles, fight dark circles, puffiness, future breakouts, skin cell regeneration and rebuild collagen and elasticity of your skin.

Kitchen Make Over:

Our kitchen make-over is for the zealous and dedicated individuals looking to kick up their program or provide healthier choices for the whole family. In order to provide your body with the best foods, it is essential to rid your home of the bad and trigger foods that lead to self-sabotage and poor eating behaviors. Our kitchen make-over provides the structure and guidelines needed in order to make healthier choices and experience success in your new eating lifestyle. Restocking the kitchen with healthier alternatives of the food items taken out is the best way to maintain health without giving up your taste preferences and subsequent cravings.

Preconception Nutrition:

The nutritional choices we make now, have a direct impact on our reproductive health, and the fetal development of any future children to be. Or co-ed program is designed and ensures both partners are as healthy as they can be before conception even occurs. Our three-month program allows for cellular rejuvenation, detoxification of impurities, better organ function, and offers support for the health of sperm, ovaries, and eggs.