If you do a little research on the beautiful city of San Diego, you will soon see that this area has a wealth of art, culture, history, and excellence. You may be surprised to discover there are approximately 93 museums in San Diego. Virtually every interest you could have is celebrated in some form. From the history lover to the art lover, to those who appreciate nature and the wonders of science, there is a collection waiting for you. If you want to know more about sports, enjoy antique automobiles, or discover how Californians lived in the 19th century, there is a museum for everyone. Veterans of many wars and ancestors of cultural battles are honored in facilities in San Diego. Women have a museum dedicated to them, as do aircrafts, and even dairy farmers. The list goes on and on.

We are going to attempt to feature some of the top museums in San Diego. In all fairness, this is not possible on a personal level. It would be quite impossible to choose one collection, exhibit, and interest over another in such vastness. We resort to going by recent visitor reviews. We encourage you to review the list highlighted below and do your own research. We hope you will choose the facilities that you love and choose to experience some you have not considered. It is worthwhile to mention that the Balboa Park has 17 different museums, and many of the museums are centrally located which makes for a fun weekend. The San Diego area is a treasure designed for your enjoyment, education, and experience.

The New Children’s Museum

This museum is created for children and geared towards family fun. Everything in this 50,000-square foot museum is there to educate and appeal to young children. Exhibits are designed to hold the interest of toddlers in the group, but there is never a shortage of things for older kids to enjoy, create, and learn. Family group rates are available. If you have children, you owe them a trip to this museum.

Museum Of Contemporary Art, La Jolla

This museum is housed in what was once the 1916 home of San Diego philanthropist, Ellen Browning Scripps. The collections are post-1950 contemporary works of art by famous Californian artists as well as famous artists such as Warhol, Cornell, and Stella. The museum has a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean. Children are welcome to enjoy the exhibits and play in the museum’s garden. There are gourmet shops, where sandwiches can be ordered, and there is an excellent selection of beer and wine.

San Diego Natural History Museum

This is not the largest museum in San Diego, but it contains many fascinating exhibits and displays for visitors of all ages. This is ideal for families because the museum has something for everyone. With an emphasis on San Diego history, discover dinosaur bones, fossils, and skeletal collections. There are also plenty of live creatures to enjoy. Snakes, insects, frogs, and lizards are just a few of the critters you will see and learn about during your visit. This is a power-packed and beautiful experience for everyone in the group.

With nearly 100 museums to choose from, you will easily find your favorite in San Diego.