Medical Spa Offering Pre/Post Surgical Care For Patients In San Diego

  • When preparing for a surgery or recovering from one, you need the services of a top medical spa.
  • Our award-winning staff provides some of the best pre/post surgical care in San Diego.
  • Many of our clients have left positive reviews praising our compassionate and effective tactics.

Our pre/post surgical care program offers one of the most comprehensive natural approaches in assisting patients for the preparation and recovery of surgical procedures. When someone undergoes surgery, whether it is for health reasons or cosmetic, the effects felt are similar for everyone. Symptoms experienced may be aches, pains, swelling, bruising and the development of scar tissue. and even In addition, these methods offer assistance with the healing process. Health care professionals are seeing the benefits of pre/post-surgical care and are working with natural therapies to assist individuals through the healing process.

At Longevity Lounge, our pre and post-surgical care treatments are extremely beneficial to any person who has just undergone surgery, as well as any individual who will be having surgery in the near future. Our treatment process is unique per patient and involves combining various techniques such as, nutritional counseling, colon hydrotherapy and lymphatic drainage and massage. These treatments prepare the body for surgery, as well as support your body’s healing process and recovery.

Pre-Surgical Lymphatic Drainage

As a part of pre-surgical care, lymphatic drainage is a key component for surgery preparation. Lymphatic massages helps to prepare the body for surgery by reducing congestion and stagnation within the lymphatic system. As fluidity is encouraged, old lymph fluid is moved out and provides greater circulation of blood flow, immune supporting cells and nutrition to the tissue. The rhythm of lymphatic drainage massage is very soothing and relaxing aiding in reduction of pre-surgery stress.

Post-Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage offers many benefits for the post-surgical patient. The lymphatic pathways are different following surgery due to trauma and incisions. Studies have shown it takes lymphatics seven to ten days to re-establish their natural function. It is very important during this time for patients to receive lymphatic drainage.

• Eliminates obstruction/blockages in the lymph vessels

• Facilitates the flow of lymph during physical inability

• Reduction in swelling/inflammation, pain and bruising

• Reduces scars and scar tissue build up

• Encourages circulation of bodily fluid

• Supports central nervous system and encourages the release of endorphins

• Improves skin regeneration and wound healing

• Speeds the healing process

Nutritional Care & Detoxification

Supporting the body nutritionally pre/post surgery is an important part of the healing process. A well nourished body is better equipped to handle surgery. During these times the body naturally needs more nutrients to help aid in the recovery process.
Our programs are completely customized for an individual’s needs. Programs may include:

• Detox and Replenish – A program focusing on detoxifying the body’s systems with special attention upon the digestive tract, lymphatic system and liver. The second stage of the program introduces nutrient dense foods and supplemental care.

• Weight Loss – If weight loss is required prior to surgery, our program can assist one in reaching their pre-surgery weight-loss goals.

• Post Surgical Nutritional Care – As part of the rebuild and recovery phase, special support is required for regenerated connective tissue, additional fluids, proteins, and vitamins/minerals.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Anesthesia and/or pain medications can disrupt natural occurring bowel movements. Colonics can assist in normalizing bowel movements while improving digestion and intestinal flora.
Abdominal massage, and therapeutic organic green coffee can improve the peristaltic motion of the colon and enhance the flow of the lymphatic and vascular systems, while encouraging the release of bodily waste. As the body purifies this allows for a cleaner bloodstream, and better assimilation of vital nutrients.