Massage Therapist in the San Diego Area

  • Massage is one of the best ways to improve your overall well-being.
  • As one of the top spas in California, we offer our award-winning massage therapy services to clients in San Diego.
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Benefits of massage therapy can include better posture, which contributes to general good health and well-being. When you work with a professional massage therapist, they will analyze your standing and moving posture to help to identify imbalances, weaknesses and movement restrictions.
A massage therapy program consists of a series of corrective exercises, posture screening, stretching and nutritional care to help release old holding patterns and restore movement and strength.
The program is designed for:

  •  Anyone who would like to have more flexibility and less tension in the muscular system
  • Sports performance enhancement
  • Chronic muscular pain
  • Repetitive strain
  • Old injuries & scar tissue
  • Overuse

Stretch Flow

Stretch-Flow is a unique type of massage that uses the combination of assisted stretching techniques designed to provide a deeper muscular release. Target sessions focus on tight fascia, manual release of restricted tissue, visualization, and breath-work.

Stretch-Flow goes beyond traditional stretching and allows one to go even deeper into a stretch than one can achieve on their own. You will be guided through a series of techniques, active and manual releasing paired with breath-work and visualization.

Breathing exercises allow one to go into a deeper range of motion and visualization provides concentration on the muscles being stretched. Stretches are fluid in motion with active release and flow without stagnant holding; much like waves of water.

Tailored to an individual’s needs and goals the combination of stretching techniques and active-release address not only the muscles but fascia for maximum resistance. For an additional benefit, as an upgrade one may wish to add a traditional “rub down” with blended oils and minerals known for rejuvenating the muscular and nervous system.

At home care programs are provided and nutritional support may be suggested for added benefit.