What is the lymphatic system?

Our lymphatic system is a complex system of vessels and nodes located just beneath the skin and is the system responsible for eliminating toxins, maintaining fluid levels in the body and is a critical part of the immune system. The vessels of the lymphatic system contain a clear fluid known as ‘lymph.’ The lymph fluid fights infections and carries away toxins by flushing the waste products to the lymph nodes and spleen, to which it is then transported to the elimination systems of the body. While the lymph system is hard at work protecting our bodies from harmful substances, it is also a transporter for the protectors of our body, like white blood cells. White blood cells help to protect from infections and other invaders of our body.

The lymphatic system is known as the other circulatory system of the body. Second to the cardiovascular system, the body actually contains more lymphatic fluid than blood. However, unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system does not have a heart or pump. Blood moves through the body very quickly due to the support of the beating heart. Lymphatic fluid moves, when we move. Muscle movement activates the lymph nodes and vessels, thus causing it to flow throughout the body. Due to the lymphatic system lacking its own pump, it can easily become backed up or stagnant especially as we age. Factors that can cause this backup include illness or even a sluggish metabolism. When our lymphatic system is not regularly moving out waste byproducts, the toxic waste can accumulate in our system and slow down the regeneration of cells. This allows toxins to harbor around our cells, resulting in a decrease of oxygenation to the cells and slower regeneration of tissue. This creates an area of vulnerability for disease, weight gain, pain, cellulite and other unhealthy conditions.

What causes the lymphatic system to become stagnant?

Some of the most common factors that lead to a sluggish or slow-moving lymphatic system are the results of stress, digestive imbalances, fatigue, emotional stress, age, scar tissue, restricted soft tissue/fascia, dehydration, lack of physical activity, modern technical devices, hormonal imbalances, tight ill-fitting clothing, exposure to toxins and heavy metals.

Two of the highest offenders for disrupting the lymphatic flow are stress and poor digestive health. Stress is linked to causing as much as 80% of chronic health disorders. Stress causes our bodies to slow down and regenerate at a slower rate, thus resulting in a sluggish lymphatic system. Under stress, we often experience a disruption in our digestive health. Our digestive track is a very important part of our immune system and is also a lymphoid organ. The intestines have the largest mass of lymphoid tissue in the body, better known as GALT. The health of our digestive track is critical for proper lymph flow, detoxification, assimilation of nutrition and our immune system.

What are some of the symptoms of a sluggish lymphatic system?

A congested lymphatic system may result in puffiness, swollen fingers, hands, feet, thick legs, cellulite, fatigue, skin conditions, acne, swollen glands, excess weight, belly fat, solid bloat, allergies and hypersensitivity, full sore breasts, decreased immunity and digestive disorders.

What methods can I use to keep my lymphatic system in the flow and healthy?

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Dehydration is a major cause for a sluggish lymphatic system. Drinking purified water (half of your body weight in ounces) daily is a great way to keep all your bodily systems functioning at optimal speed. Adding lemon to your water will boost the purification of the water and boost your immune system. Other ways to keep your lymphatic system include:

Exercise – As our muscles contract, it causes the lymph fluid to move. Movement is the pump for the lymphatic system.

Dry brushing – Brushing in an upward motion and always towards the heart is a great way to make your skin beautiful and get your lymph flowing.

Proper supplemental care – There are a number of herbs, homeopathic remedies, and vitamins which help support our lymphatic system.

Good nutrition – The right nutritional program is an excellent way to ensure all the bodies’ systems are functioning well and healthy.

Massage – Massage in general and specifically lymphatic massage are one of the best methods for releasing stagnant lymph and creating good circulation.

Detoxification – When we purify our bodies regularly, your lymphatic system does not have work as hard combating toxins.

Colonics – Supporting our digestive track through eliminating toxins is one of the best was to support our lymphatic and digestive systems.

Infrared sauna – Infrared light penetrates the deeper layers of the body purging the body of toxins and increasing greater circulation of the cardiovascular and lymphatic system.

Lymphatic system, lean bodies and beauty

If the lymphatic system is not working optimally, your body will have a harder time releasing toxins. This can affect our eyes, hair and especially our skin. Our skin is the largest organ of the body and is one of the first places we see signs and results of an unhealthy body. This can manifest in ways such as: acne, slow wound healing, fine lines, wrinkles, and rashes. Toxic waste is stored in our fat cells. The more toxins we have, the greater accumulation of fat. As we assist our lymphatic system in the flushing of toxic fluid, the body can flush out byproducts with greater ease, allowing food to come back into a better place of balance.

A sluggish lymphatic system has also been linked to a cause and direct result of cellulite. Toxic waste trapped in fat cells can lead to the pockets of fat collected in different areas of the body. ‘Solid bloat’ is a condition linked to an under active lymph system and an accumulation of hardening of dried lymph fluid and collection of toxic waste. This can often be associated with ‘false fat.’ There are times when regardless of how much we work out or exercise there is always an underlying puffiness on our bodies. This could be solid bloat.

Using therapies such as medi-vacuum therapies is an effective way of lifting, separating and helping the body to naturally release the stored toxins, create better circulation, lymph flow and naturally help the body move more freely, absorb nutrients better and organically help to lean out. Caring for our lymph system is one of the best kept beauty secrets. What starts from within is displayed throughout and without our bodies. Beautification via purification.