Lymphatic Massage in San Diego, CA

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As we beautiful women grow older and wiser, our changing bodies sometimes respond to this day and age’s busy lifestyle with additional companions – the Puffies, the Cellu-lumpies and the Saggies.

Although it is very tempting to surgically remove all three of these notorious rascals, if we do, they keep coming back with a vengeance. Also, the violent act of surgically removing these culprits off leaves scars that have the potential to be more than skin-deep.
The best way to deal with these signs of the times – is to transform them with love while nurturing them, so they dissolve into radiant health and result in ageless beauty.

At Longevity Lounge, our unique synergy of therapies offers the best in natural approaches of cellular purification, improving the appearance of cellulite, contouring your curves, smoothing out the pesky bra line, breaking up scar tissue, stimulating collagen production of the skin and lifting your lines.

In order to eliminate excess weight, de-puff our body and smooth out our lines we need to properly assist toxic laden fat out of the body. Toxins accumulate in our fat stores and can often pocket in areas we associate with cellulite. Stimulating our lymphatic system, breaking up stagnate tissue, and creating better circulation assists the body in the natural purification process. Several studies support that lymphatic work can push up to 78% of stagnant lymph back into circulation. This helps to support the organs in working more profusely, strengthening immune function and flushing out toxic waste. Lymphatic Body Contouring is not only a healthy way to speed up weight loss, but it also luxurious in how it helps to tone muscles and skin while also lifting the breasts and derriere. In short, it is the perfect way to not only look better but feel better!

At Longevity Lounge, our four-part Body Contouring System combines our preparatory blend of oils, electro-lymphatic wand, medi-vacuum cupping and manual massage.

FAQ – Lymphatic Body Contouring

Some immediate benefits and results of the treatment?

• Weight loss
• Reduction in adipose and cellulite tissue
• Reduced water and fluid weight
• Increased energy levels
• Increased metabolism
• Regeneration or youthfulness of skin tissue
• Eliminates solid bloat
• Lifts breasts and derriere
• Conditions, tones and firms muscles
• Stimulates collagen production
• Improves texture and elasticity of skin
• Reduces the appearance of stretch-marks and scars
• Supports immune function

What is the four-part process?

Our four-part program offers our advanced electro-lymphatic wand, medi-vacuum cupping, manual lymphatic drainage and a blend of essential oils. The combination of therapies is unique to Longevity Lounge and cannot be found elsewhere. The results can be noticed and felt in as little as after the first session. Our results driven therapies focus upon lymphatic drainage, purifying at a cellular level, increased circulation, reduction of scar tissue and restrictive tissue while strengthening the skin and rebuilding the connective tissue and stimulating the production of collagen.

What is Electro-lymphatic Therapy?

Our advanced therapy of electro-lymphatic therapy helps to stimulate the movement of stagnant lymph fluids and decongests lymph nodes that may be clogged. Electro- lymphatic therapy is a technology that uses vibrational therapy to dissipate lymph blockages that can interfere with the lymph fluid to transport oxygen and nutrients into cellular tissue. Additionally, the equipment uses ionized gas technology which adds to the circulation and drainage of lymphatic fluid. A current of sound, light energy and heat creates a mild, warming treatment and is very relaxing and soothing even to tightest and sorest of muscles. Additional benefits include the softening of scar tissue that can result in restricted tissue, lack of circulation and lymph flow.

Medi-Vaccum Cupping

Cupping therapies have been used for centuries. Modern uses of ancient therapies offers not only the proven benefits of classic use, but an expansion on the health benefits and results. Medi-cupping provides the privilege of greater control over the suction of cups (customizing for an individuals comfort level). This technique provides separation to the layers of the tissue, breaking up stagnant tissue and scar tissue, resulting in greater absorption of nutrients and blood flow to the tissue. The gentle nature of the pull and release rhythm of the cups pulls toxins from the tissue, frees stagnant lymph fluid and increasing the flow of blood and lymph, thus feeding and cleansing the tissue. This treatment is gentle, yet effective and will not leave unsightly red and purple marks on the skin. This is just one of the great benefits to the modernization of cupping therapies.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A gentle and extremely light pressure massage providing circular and pumping motions that encourages the flow of lymph fluid. The lymph nodes are stimulated and thus, activated to release lymphatic waste from the body.

Abdominal Massage

Our abdominal massage incorporates a variety of techniques known to relax the entire body, strengthen underlying muscle tissue, improve digestion, stimulate internal organ, promote heat and assist in breaking down scar tissue as well as encouraging the flow of lymphatic fluid.

Essential Oils

Longevity Lounge offers a propriety blend of essential oils known for their deep healing, purifying, and beautifying properties. The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and like a sponge, it will absorb everything that is applied or fed to it. An array of natural products help your lymphatic system to better eliminate toxic ingredients and chemicals. Our selection of essential oils is known for not only nourishing the skin but gently detoxifying the body, while stimulating the flow of lymph fluid, breaking down cellulite and providing cellular rejuvenation.

How many sessions are recommended?

We recommend an initial package of five sessions over a two week period. Through our experience, a group of sessions close together provides the best benefits for breaking up stagnation and creating circulation. Proceeding the initial five session program is an evaluation that is recommended for the proper maintenance program. For greater enhancement of the sessions, we may recommend other therapies including supplemental care and colon hydrotherapy.