If you have never been to San Diego, you are in for a treat. San Diego is a beautiful city in California, on the Pacific Ocean. Upon arrival, you may feel as if you have been cast into a “beach life” commercial. If you live in San Diego, you are used to the good life. This city is a great place to visit and an even better place to live.

San Diego is known for its warm and sunny climate, beautiful beaches, the world-famous San Diego Zoo, parks, and world class beer! Compared to other large California cities, rent is lower, and there is always something to do outside.

Whether you are looking for a playground for the kids, a great place for a picnic, or a game, you have a huge selection of fantastic parks to choose from and enjoy. Many of the parks in San Diego feature museums, gardens, restaurants, and beach areas that offer fun activities you and your family.

If you are interested in visiting one of these fantastic beach areas, La Jolla Shores Park is a must see. This beach park has beautiful, scenic views of the ocean and many water activities for visitors of all ages. This is a very popular park in San Diego because the natural setting allows for seal watching.

Balboa Park

Of course, we have to mention Balboa Park, as it is the home of the famous San Diego Zoo. People travel from all corners of the globe to visit this beautiful zoo. The zoo is over 100 acres and has over 3,700 animals! The lush environments are impressive recreations of their natural habitats, and as realistic as officials can produce. The fact is, it would be difficult to go to the zoo and visit Balboa Park on the same day. This is an excursion that requires at least a weekend to see the park and zoo in its entirety.

Balboa Park is a 1,200 acre, urban cultural park. It is home to 17 museums, close to 20 unique botanical gardens, stadiums, art centers, carnival rides, miniature train rides, and much more. You can purchase passes for various Balboa Park/San Diego Zoo features. While in the park, there are many historical sites to visit, like the fountains area, and you can pick up snacks or sit down and enjoy a full meal at one of the Balboa Park restaurants.

Balboa Park publishes a monthly calendar, so you will always be aware of what is happening. From cultural celebrations, to once in a lifetime exhibits, and a variety of audio tours, there is always something happening that kids of all ages will enjoy. You will be hard-pressed to find a more memorable place with more activities anywhere in the state.

Webb Park

If you are looking for a more traditional park in San Diego, where the kids can have some good old fashioned fun and where there is less of a crowd, try Webb Park. Complete with a beautiful duck pond, where ducks, exotic birds, and turtles are often seen, let the kids throw some bread crumbs and have the time of their life. The state of the art playground is safe and loads of fun for everyone. There are plenty of paved trails for bikes, trikes, and walking, and you have a clear view of your children from every angle if you use the trail around the pond.